Nuru Massage

Nuru is an erotic technique of massage originated in Japan and is the most sensual type of  massage between the three of them. It could be translated as “smooth” or “slippery”.

For the session there will be used a special gel, made of aloe vera, seaweed, vitamin C, chamomile  and other natural ingredients that are amazing for the skin, hydrating it and making it more soft. It’s odourless and tasteless and there haven’t been any known cases of allergies caused by it, which makes it very safe and suitable for anyone.

The pampering session will start with a hot, bubbly bath together. Soft, teasing touches will caress all your senses while you start relaxing and enjoy every second of the experience. Then you will lay on the bed, on a special sheet and leave all the worries at the door as you enter a universe of pleasure and bliss. It is a intimate, sensuous session where there will be lots of teasing, full body to  body contact and that will end with an extreme orgasmic pleasure. During the massage the gel will be applied all over both us, i will softly massage every inch of you and then slowly start sliding up and down your body.

Tingling sensations will take over your body, heart will race and blood will start pumping stronger in every one of the most sensitive areas. It is the perfect choice for those who are looking for an intense, euphoric experience.